Gifted primary children need a different approach in order to embrace their potential

A school that understands them

A unique learning pathway 

This is Alatus School®.  Learning reimagined.

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At Alatus, we believe that...

  • All children - including gifted children - are entitled to participate in learning that is tailored to their needs and enables them to explore their potential and flourish in their passions

  • Educators deserve support to suitably provide for gifted learners and parents should have the opportunity to partner with educators in decisions about their child’s education

  • Australia’s future will be brighter when schools superbly provide for giftedness and enable each gifted learner to become the person they are meant to be

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Specialising in gifted learning

At Alatus, our focus is on providing for primary-aged gifted learners and children will learn amongst many like-minds in a secular environment. Our mentors (ie. expert teachers) understand and are trained in providing for gifted children, including what motivates them and impacts on their learning. We are passionate, knowledgeable and skilled in facilitating learning that is meaningful and engaging for gifted children.

Small workshops, 1:1 mentoring

Alatus will have a low ratio of mentors to learners. Alatus learners will develop close relationships with their mentors, with the primary learning formats being in small workshop groups and one-on-one mentor time. Workshops will bring children together dynamically based on similar learning needs. Individual mentoring (teaching) sessions will be attuned to each child’s chosen goals and passions.

Combined, purposeful learning

The Alatus Learning Approach®  combines all curriculum Learning Areas (subjects) into conceptual Units extending over a school term. The majority of curriculum learning will occur in the context of Concept Learning Activities (CLAs) and will be developed in workshops. There are 12 unique Units taught over rolling 3-year periods - and children will always learn at their own level.

Thinking-based, creative learning

Alatus learning activities are designed to be authentic, meaningful, require deep thinking and stimulate creativity. Each learning activity will have a clear purpose and connect with the term concept and learning objectives. Thinking skills will be explicitly taught and learners will be encouraged to use higher-order thinking. Activities will be open-ended and require problem solving.

Unique learning pathways

We customise each child’s learning pathway to match their current curriculum levels, natural learning pace and personal interests. Learners will have multiple options for each learning activity and be supported to develop self-directed learning habits (practices). A child’s learning pathway may also include non-curriculum goals such as social and emotional development or leadership growth.

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At Alatus, I can fly!

This is who I am.

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Subject to finding suitable premises and to registration, Alatus School is targeting opening in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia  in 2021

Meanwhile, you can find out more about Alatus on this website, together with discovering our broader online resources. Expressions of Interest remain open.

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About Alatus

Read about the co-founders of Alatus and the beliefs that drive them and the School. Alatus’ vision, mission and philosopy are each here - as is prospective information about the school premises. You can also see the planned timeline the co-founders are following to register, begin enrolments and open the School.

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How we learn

Learning at Alatus is different - and here you can find out exactly how. Explore a day in the life of a learner at Alatus. Read journals from both learners and mentors. Watch one of our co-founders explain the unique Alatus Learning Approach. Three years' of Units are also shown - as is an example Unit.

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Find out more

FAQs answers the key questions we get asked here at Alatus. There are also links to our broader online resources: the Alatus Blog, the Co-Founder’s Podcast: “Gifted Gab with Penny Willoughby", and our Facebook and Instagram pages. There is something here for parents, learners, educators - and for all friends of Alatus.

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Get involved

Maybe you’d like to express interest for a child? If so, you can do so here - our flying kitten will help you… We want to attract the best mentors to Alatus too - you can express your interest here. You can also support Alatus - perhaps financially or by helping out as we prepare. Or you can simply join our mailing list.

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